Our Committees

Did you know anyone can join our committees? Joining a committee is a great first step into the organization. Read more about our committees below. Please contact us to join one or more of our committees, and/or with any suggestions, ideas or questions  you may have! 


The SACC-CO Membership Committee maintains membership lists and communicates membership status to the SACC-CO board and SACC-USA. The goal of the Membership Committee is to increase the number of members in addition to growing the SACC-CO network. This committee is also in charge of reviewing and improving membership benefits, as well as membership outreach.

The membership committee is always looking for members! Please consider joining our committee, or simply email your ideas. 

Contact: Jennie Scanlan



The Events Committee develops and carries out ideas for events and organizes venues, activities and speakers. We offer monthly Happy Hour networking events together with community partners and members, work with the Swedish Embassy and other organizations to organize trade missionsdeliver educational seminars, conferences such as the Smart Cities and Nordic Commerce Conference etc. 

The more hands and brains, the more we can achieve. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us, and if you are interested in joining our committee we would be thrilled to talk with you! 

Contact: Josephine Gutentoft


Young Professionals 

SACC-CO YP is a group specifically for the young professionals within SACC-CO. Our focus is to attract younger members through age-relevant events and the opportunity to build stronger networks with likeminded people in more informal settings. SACC-CO YP is primarily for adults between the ages 21  30 but will also offer events where people of all ages are welcome.

We are always looking for people to get involved, whether it is by coming to our events, joining the young professionals committee or by simply messaging us about ideas that you may have. 

Contact: Nicklas Wihlborg


Marketing and Communication

The SACC-CO Marketing & Communications Committee works closely with the other committees as well as the Board in order to build awareness of the organization and its events. This committee leverages a variety of outlets, including the SACC-CO website and social media, to reach and promote current and prospective members about the Swedish business community in Colorado, vice versa, and beyond.

We welcome new ideas for engaging with the community or expanding our reach in other ways. Please contact us with any thoughts or suggestions you have, and/or to join our team!

Contact: Jill Lohmiller



Trainees are a crucial key force for SACC-CO to grow and increase value added for our members on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. This ability is one of the key components in our vision to increase trade, commerce and investments between Sweden and Colorado, and seeking to increase general knowledge about our regions. The Trainee Committee’s work includes identifying, interviewing and engaging candidates, for SACC-CO as well as corporations within our network.

Please contact us with any suggestions you have, if your company could be interested in learning more about our trainee opportunities, and/or to join our team!

Contact: Marie Forsberg-Mare