Our trainees


Tobias Hermansson

Tobias was doing his internship with us for 5 months. Read what he has to say about being a trainee at SACC-CO


CV-bildWhy did you apply for this internship, and what were your first impressions about our chamber?

I applied for the internship at SACC-Colorado because I thought the tasks sounded varying and because I wanted to learn more about trade and commerce. I also saw it as a great experience to be able to live in the U.S. and to learn more about the culture. My first impressions were really good. I quickly got to learn how to work with different programs and tools, which has really broaden my knowledge. I would also like to say that the reception and support I received from my supervisor and the rest of the board when I got here was very good. It really helped me settle in.

Can you describe what a normal day looks like at the chamber?

I wouldn’t say that any day is “normal”, which is something I really enjoy because it means I get to work with a lot of different areas of the organization. One day I might work with ideas for the website, and the next day I can be coordinating an event. This is something I would really like to emphasize to future interns, because it gives you experiences in different fields and helps you understand how they interact with each other.

What advise would you give to future interns?

I would definitely advise them to be prepared to work a lot on their own. Being a non-profit organization means that everyone involved works as volunteers, while having regular jobs. This means that you, as an intern, can’t expect your supervisors to be on call 24 hours a day. I truly see this as a positive though, because in my case it has helped me become more independent.

Thank you for your time, Tobias. Any final words?

I would only like to say that if you get the opportunity to work here as an intern, you should definitely take it! I have learned a lot on a practical level, which is great because that was one of my main reasons for doing an internship. I’ve also loved living in Denver. The people here are very friendly, and the city itself is booming right know, with exciting things happening left, right and center. It has been a great experience and I return to Sweden wanting to come back one day.