About the Trainee Program (for Swedish Companies)

Have you ever wished you could hire a highly qualified, motivated and professional trainee from the United States? 

As a SACC-CO member you can! The SACC-USA Trainee Program has placed over 500 trainees since 2006 and is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate your business. The trainee program can be used in many different areas of training and for shorter summer internships up to 18 months, depending on your organizational needs. The American trainee will bring an international business perspective to your organization and with the minimum age of 21, many of the trainee candidates already have their bachelor or masters degrees and experience in their field of training.


Benefits of hiring a U.S. Trainee or Intern through the Trainee program

Qualified & motivated applicants

Each trainee candidate is highly qualified and pre-screened

International perspective

Your trainee from the U.S. will bring an American perspective and cultural diversity to your company/organization

Easy (minimum administration)

SACC-USA helps you find a trainee and guides you through the traineeship application process.



Visit SACC-USA for more details about the Trainee Program, forms, fees and applications.

Or watch the video below: