About the Trainee Program (for Nordic Trainees)

Are you interested in doing a traineeship in the United States? 

Then you've come to the right place! SACC-USA’s Trainee Program gives Swedish and Finnish residents an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills in your chosen career, learn how to conduct business in an American business environment, get acquainted with American customs and culture, and start building a personal international network.

“Consider this a cost-efficient way of accessing Swedish talent and technology while adding some cultural diversity to your office. For the trainees, a training program in the U.S. is the opportunity of a lifetime. Talk about win-win!”  – SACC-USA


Benefits of doing a traineeship in the United States through the Trainee Program

American business experience

Learn first-hand how business is conducted in the U.S. through this opportunity of a lifetime

Competitive advantage

With international experience you will gain advantage over your peers in the Swedish job market

Cross-cultural skills

Develop an understanding of U.S. customs and culture and become adept at cross-cultural communication


SACC-CO encourages the host company to pay the intern/trainee a stipend to cover living expenses. In most cases the trainee pays his or her own insurance and travel expenses while the host company pays the SACC-USA visa service fee and the SEVIS fee.



Visit SACC-USA for more details about the Trainee Program, forms, fees and applications.

Or watch the video below: